Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Das Mädchen von Hongkong - Joachim Fuchsberger (1973) - Angler's Beach, Sham Tseng

The dead body of Fuchsberger's buddy ends up getting washed up by a pier. Believe it or not but the low lying headland in the background is actually the north east section of Ma Wan island with the west end of HK Island in the far hazy distance. The angle of HK in the background behind that part of Ma Wan gives me a rough indication of the location somewhere around Angler's Beach.

Actually, we've seen this place before on this blog - it was the beach used in one of the Yellowthread Street episodes which had a bunch of refugee bodies wash up on it (I see a pattern forming...) - although I think at that time the film crew were further to the west end of the beach.

These days there are still two piers on the beach, but neither look like they are likely candidates. I'm also not sure how the expansion of Castle Peak Road affected the area. There looks to be a village name (?) on the white/red sign at the back but I can't read the furthest character - Chinese readers feel free to help.

Most astonishing though is really how much the view has changed. The Tsing Ma bridge now spans the gap to the left of the headland and of course Ma Wan itself has been completely redeveloped into the Park Island development.

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