Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Man with the Golden Gun - RTHK Podcast

For those of you with an interest in James Bond, Annemarie Evans from RTHK's Hong Kong Heritage radio show recently asked me to contribute for a small segment on The Man with the Golden Gun as a sort of tribute to Roger Moore and his recent passing.

You can hear my dulcet tones on the podcast at the following link. The James Bond bit starts at around the 20 minute mark. The program also has a large archive of past shows and are well worth a listen for anyone remotely interested in Hong Kong heritage and culture.

Many thanks to Annemarie for making me sound as though I actually know what I'm talking about...


  1. Nice interview Phil. Your site has been an invaluable resource for my past trips to HK and I often check back in the hope that those gardens you talked about in this interview become open to the public. Lets hope so one day!

    1. Many thanks Tokyofox. My understanding is that the Uncle who stumped up the money to save to garden from redevelopment has actually decided to live at the property and he prefers the quiet life. Therefore only a select few are given access now and again. What a pity, but it explains why all the Dragon Garden Fund related stuff has been dropped and the garden remains closed to the general public. Regards, Phil

  2. Well annoying for the likes of us movie-location folk (and garden/nature lovers too) but I can't blame him for not wanting tourists visiting!
    Regards, T-Fox!