Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Red Dragon - Stewart Granger (1965) - Aberdeen, Hong Kong

One of the key scenes in this film involves an assassination attempt at the hands of a nefarious Aberdeen fisherman as Granger's character and sidekick are questioning a witness to the murder of the US spy. We start off with a shot of Granger walking down what appears to be Tung Sing Road with what appears to be the Tsung Man Building at the far background (beyond the red signboard).

This shot above shows Granger walking along the main road where it curves into the town. This is the old area (now a bus terminus) where the restaurant pontoons used to be before the waterfront was reclaimed. They head out onto the water to interview a rather younger looking Ho Li-yan before someone tries to off them with a dagger. You may remember this famous Chinese actor from an appearance on Shirley's World a few weeks ago.

Ho Li-yan

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