Thursday, June 29, 2017

Das Mädchen von Hongkong - Joachim Fuchsberger (1973) - Nathan Road, Kowloon

Here's a quickie to illustrate again how some of these films have reused footage from earlier movies for their establishing shots. It's more common than I realised and even Robert Clouse was at it when he reused the famous panning shot of HK from the beginning of Enter the Dragon and inserted it into the beginning of Golden Needles. In fact, there is a large section of this film in the opening credits that was taken from the earlier 1960's German films that I have already covered.

Two shots here that we have seen previously in earlier films. The first one is the collection of neon lighting hanging off the Alhambra Building in Yau Ma Tei. We saw both of these shots recently in Heisser Hafen Hongkong.

This one can be seen in its original use in the top picture of this post.

And the following shot, already established as being on the corner of Nathan and Nelson Street in Mongkok can be seen as the second picture here.

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