Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Queen's Ransom - George Lazenby (1976) - Various views from the Harbour

I must be losing my deductive powers because I have a bunch of stuff from A Queen's Ransom that is still eluding me, so I'll finish off for now with some of the (I assume) archive footage from the Queen's visit. The first view screengrabs show (if you squint) some helicopters doing a fly past along the harbour front. The big buildings at the top of the screen are Fairmont Gardens (on the left) and Realty Gardens (to its right) along Conduit Road. Film fans should remember that Realty Gardens was the site of the Mok Villa, made famous as the hospital in Love is a Many-Splendored Thing, and also seen recently in Heisse Hafen Hongkong

You can still just about see the choppers in the shot below that shows the old waterfront view before the reclamation and extensive development that has since occurred on the north side of Gloucester Road. The very beginnings of that development can be see in the form of that tall white building which is the (still standing) Telecom House. You can still see the China Fleet Club with its large San Miguel sign on the roof (centre right) and the old Luk Kwok Hotel with its SANYO advert.

Finally looking in the opposite direction we can see the Queen's launch pulling out from Kowloon side with the Peninsula Hotel partially in view on the left, the Sheraton Hotel dead centre and the hill on the right hand side that is known as Blackhead Point and has the old Signal/Time ball tower on it. 

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