Saturday, May 20, 2017

Weiße Fracht für Hongkong - Dietmar Schönherr (1963) - Nathan Road, Mongkok

I've been able to place some more of the neon screen shots from this film, and as predicted by Thomas, they are around the general area of this previous post. The first one is a shot of the sign for the 巴黎百貨公司 or, in English, the rather grand sounding Paris Department Store. It appears to have been a rather more humble store trying to convey a more sophisticated image than was the reality.

Anyway, it and the neighbouring Hill Shoes (山打鞋) were both located in the large block that contained the King Wah Restaurant and Paramount nightclub. The reason this has cropped up now is because I only just posted a picture of the very same building just the other day. What a nice coincidence! Now, perhaps someone is able to tell me if Manning Shirt was the same company as Hill Shoes, or were they just sharing some signage?


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  1. Sanda Shoes was the agent in selling Manning Shirt since mid-1960s. The buildings area which situated Sanda Shoes, Yip's Shirt and Leung So Kee Umbrella Factory was demolished in early 1970s to rebuild what is Bank Centre today.