Monday, May 8, 2017

Sai Kung Waterfront - Now and Then

Seeing as this place has cropped up a couple of times over the last few weeks - in Shirley's World and Weiße Fracht für Hongkong - I figured a trip out there was in order. It's a long time since I went to Sai Kung and the weather was nice and sunny over the bank holiday weekend (yes, we get the Monday off in Hong Kong too), so I thought I would head in and try to get some shots of some film locations.

Actually, the waterfront was more of a consolation prize because my main objective for the day was to head up Chuk Yeung Road and try to find the area where the final fight of The Young Master was filmed, and after about an hour of walking (uphill in some rather tiring heat) I came to the spot where I believed it to be (about 200 metres further north from the fire lookout). Sadly, the walk up there was a bust because not only is the area vastly overgrown, but also the AFCD have roped it all off (not just there but a whole swathe of the hilltop) in some sort of native species re-plantation project. So, until I can get some proper access, this one will remain an unconfirmed piece of guesswork.

The waterfront area in question is right in the town centre and despite the many years that have passed since both Shirley's World and Weiße Fracht für Hongkong were filmed, the place is still quite recognisable.

Here's the reminder for Shirley's World. It was from the episode Evidence in Camera and Shirley (with co-star John Gregson) are in a boat in the small harbour after visiting the family that pinched her camera.

Remember that the village opposite is called Tui Min Hoi (which literally means "opposite side of the sea"). Anyway, here is how it currently looks.

 Following on from that is a brief glimpse of the same area, only this time ten years earlier as Dietmar Schönherr and Brad Harris wander around almost the whole of Hong Kong in about 5 minutes flat. The bumpy ridgeline at the back is Fu Yung Pit and Buffalo Hill.

The view of the hills at the back is now obscured by the covered fish market and a development called Lakeside Garden (can you tell which is which? ;-))

This final shot is looking east along the waterfront. I had to take my picture a bit further back from the pier (because it was a bit too busy and most of that area is now under cover due to some awnings for the harbourside restaurants) but you get the idea.

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