Friday, May 5, 2017

Jason King (TV Series) - Peter Wyngarde (1972) - Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong

A couple of building pictures in this post. The first shows the Wong On House in the middle with the Nexxus Building on the right and Chinachem Tower on the left. The lower building at the lower right is the old Central Fire Station - replaced by the Hang Seng HQ. The angle of the picture suggests the camera was position on or near the Central vehicular ferry pier at the time.Wing On House is the youngest of these buildings dating from 1967.

Although used at another part of the show, the next bit of stock footage shows the area not far to the right of the one above. It shows the China Insurance Group Building, which looks as though it is a mirror image of the Wing On House. Both buildings are very similar in style and were both completed in the same year. The car park in the distance is the Rumsey Street Multi-Storey carpark (built 1970) - also still around - but the area behind it now has the Shun Tak Centre.

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