Monday, May 1, 2017

Jason King (TV Series) - Peter Wyngarde (1972) - Magazine Gap Road, Hong Kong

In one of the episodes of this rather camp early 70's spy show, Peter Wyngarde plays Jason King, former spy turned author, who goes around the world writing thrillers involving his literary alter-ego, Mark Caine. One episode, Every Picture Tells a Story, has King making an unplanned stop in Hong Kong and has about as much embarrassing "yellowface" and badly pronounced Chinese in it as you can expect from a program of this era.

Sadly it appears that none of the actors actually made it to HK and instead we are treated to some dodgy looking sets at Elstree Studios and what I can only assume is stock footage inserted to establish the location. Never mind because the footage included has some interesting enough sights, such as this view overlooking Central from the Mid-levels above Magazine Gap Road. That's Magazine Gap Road running away from the camera in the centre of the second picture.

The yellow buildings stood on what is now "Regence Royal" and they have been seen a few times before on this blog such as this slightly earlier glimpse (from 1967) in Five Golden Dragons, and again around the same time from Shirley's World. I suspect the shot used for this show was from earlier because by the time Shirley's World was being filmed (around the same time as Jason King) the building looks to have lost its yellow paint. Here's an stitched panorama for a better view.

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