Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Weiße Fracht für Hongkong - Dietmar Schönherr (1963) - Nathan Road, Kowloon

Here's a view I haven't seen before on this blog, at least from the early 60's. It's a view up Nathan Road from the corner of Middle Road. That corner is now occupied by Oterprise Square but prior to that had one of Tsim Sha Tsui's most popular hotels - The Ambassador - with its large exterior wall mural. We don't have the angle to see the mural on these following screencaps but if you look at my previous posts that include the hotel then you can catch brief glimpses of it.

On the left of the top picture is what I believe to be the former Marco Polo - Peninsula Court Hotel (since replaced by the Kowloon Hotel) and beyond that looks to be the Prestige Tower in its inaugural year (built in 1963). This one is still around with its inward curving lower floors taken up be jewellers and high end fashion. Under construction next door (along to the right) is Alpha House, opened in 1964, and then beyond that is the former Hyatt Hotel (now iSquare) under its original name "The President Hotel". According to this postcard over on, it opened in the autumn of 1963, but I can't tell from this picture whether or not it's open when this was made. 

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