Monday, April 17, 2017

The Way of the Dragon - Bruce Lee (1972) - Tin Ping Shan, Sheung Shui

Shooting forward to 1972 and a film I should've covered a long time ago but simply forgot - largely because there is only really one scene that was filmed in an identifiable HK location.

Way of the Dragon was filmed, guerrilla-style, on the streets of Rome (and nearby) with all the interior shots (Chinese restaurant, bosses office, back alley and final fight with Chuck Norris) shot at Golden Studios in Diamond Hill. The exception is this confrontation scene with Bob Wall and Whang In-sik that was filmed in Sheung Shui.

The picture below is a crop from a Government aerial picture (taken in 1973) that I obtained some time ago. It's of the large sandy area where the filming took place the year before. Look carefully at the bottom edge of the picture and you can see a small dark circle. It's a well that can be seen in the background of the second screencap which gives a good idea of where filming took place.

The buildings at the bottom of the picture form part of what was once part of a restaurant and "country club" called the Twin Dragon City Restaurant at the top of a small hill (Tin Ping Shan). The hill, the restaurant and most of the sandy area were redeveloped into the current Woodland Crest residential development and unfortunately for us - as you might be able to tell from my comparison 3D GoogleEarth shot - the area used in the filming now largely sits underneath the private garden and tennis courts of the development.

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