Saturday, April 1, 2017

Shirley's World (TV Series) - Shirley MacLaine (1972) - Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay

A mystery location from Shirley's World cleared up again thanks to Thomas and Arthur. In Figuratively Speaking we see some sailors patronising the various shops in Hong Kong and one of them was the Wing Hung Photo Supply Company.

Thomas was able to read that this branch was in Causeway Bay, and Arthur was able to track down the exact address courtesy of an old advert on a Facebook page (at the bottom is a list of branches, the second one from the bottom is the Causeway Bay branch which has the address of Ground Floor, 452 Hennessy Road).

It actually looks as though the same building is still there, although it's hard to confirm. Anyway, the same space was occupied by a 3D-Gold shop back when the Google car did its rounds.

So a big thanks to both Thomas and Arthur for once again finding the needle in the haystack.

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