Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Heisser Hafen Hongkong - Horst Frank (1962) - Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei

Yes, another shot from Nathan Road, again from the Yau Ma Tei area but this time looking north towards the junction with Waterloo Road. The interesting thing here is the fact that the English character in the film works as a reporter/journalist for the Hong Kong Tiger Standard. And here we see their offices back in 1962 at somewhere around where the Bangkok Bank building is found today.

The small block building in the background was at the junction with Waterloo Road (on the northern side of the road) but I have no idea what it was. Gwulo has a much clearer picture of it here, and I suspect the presence of a "telephone exchange" tag on that picture may be the explanation of what it was. Can anyone confirm?

Hong Kong Tiger Standard was the original name of the HK Standard newspaper, still in circulation but a sad shadow of its former self. The tiger in the original title came from the founder, Aw Boon Haw, who is more famous in HK for his Tiger Balm empire. The politics of the paper (and it's Chinese sister paper, Sing Tao) is now very much pro-CCP - a far cry from its early pro-Kuomintang stance. In fact, one of its former Editors-in-Chief is Robert Chow - a name familiar to a large "silent majority" of Hong Kongers who actually secretly want to punch him.


  1. It is indeed the telephone exchange, first in Kowloon. Later demolished to build an enormous residential block called Bell House, (probably) named after Alexander Graham Bell who invented telephone.

    1. many thanks for the confirmation. Bell House is still there and was built in 1969. Cheers, Phil