Sunday, April 2, 2017

Foxbat - Henry Silva (1977) - Marsh Road, Wanchai

After leaving the ambulance at Canal Road West because the double-decker bus won't fit under the flyover, Silva manages to somehow turn the bus around, head back up the way he came and take a turn into Marsh Road. The film camera looks to have been placed on the pavement at the side of the flyover, luckily almost exactly where the Google car took its Streetview pictures from so we can compare the exact same angle.

In the Streetview grab you can see that the famous Tung Tak Pawnshop - the low rise building at the back on the corner of Marsh and Hennessy. Sadly this place was eventually demolished only just last year. A sad way for such a nicely designed and historical building to go and yet another sad indictment of HK's official policy towards heritage conservation. There are now only 3 corner shophouse buildings left in the whole of HK.

In the lower pictures the only change has been the replacement of the two end blocks by a newer building and its podium floor. It's called the Sun Group Building.

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