Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Foxbat - Henry Silva (1977) - La Salle College, Boundary Street

Here is a great find by Arthur Yau who answered my pleas for help (again!) on locating an old building used for the hospital scene in Foxbat. Arthur has managed to identify the location as the former La Salle College over in Kowloon Tong and with the help of a family member, a La Salle alumni, has identified the various places in the screen grabs. But first here's an old picture of the place courtesy of this website: http://globalfriends.us/cskoob/those_days_album.htm.

The school was demolished in 1978 to make way for an apartment complex called Beverly Villas. Li Ka-shing, a man responsible for a fair share of built heritage destruction in HK, struck a deal with the school to build a new campus at the back (the flat area behind the school in the picture below) in return for the school giving up the building and the land it occupied. I suspect that by 1977, the school was already empty and the film crew had the run of the place because there is a fair amount of action going on inside.

And here are the screen grabs. The first one with the ambulance looks to be in front of the school because you can see the columns on the left.

For the next shot below of an open corridor, Arthur's friend has been able to identify it as "it was one of the two corridors linking two blocks with a open courtyard in between."

Next up are some curved stairs. It looks as though there were two sets up these steps, one either side of the main entrance building. If you look at the top B&W picture you can see them next to the parked cars. The steps on films were the ones on the left (west) side of the building). You can see the same steps in the lower pictures too, which also show the side of the main building.

And for this final picture below you can see the top of the stairs that led down to Boundary Street. These stairs were located just in front of the main entrance,and once again there were two sets leading down from a curved path in front of the school (see the B&W picture). Again these were the ones on the left in the B&W picture.

Anyway, another big thanks to Arthur for spotting this one. 

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