Sunday, April 2, 2017

Foxbat - Henry Silva (1977) - Gloucester Road, Wanchai

The next shot of the ambulance is as it turns onto Gloucester Road from Arsenal Street. This is a great picture and it's a shame I haven't got a better quality version because there is a whole bunch of stuff to be seen. As well as the recognisable buildings in the background (which include the Bank of America Tower - then perhaps still known as the Gammon Centre? - Hutchinson House, Furama Hotel and the Connaught Centre - now Jardine House), there is a tantalising glimpse of Caine House in its former red coat of paint as well as the old China Fleet Club (behind the lamppost).

A little further on down the road and the ambulance is passing by the old Luk Kwok Hotel. That's the building with the red signage at the top. It's hard to see from this angle but it was actually a big advert for SANYO (it's the building immediately behind the ambulance in the picture below). I'm not to knowledgeable on the various buildings that can be seen but suffice to say most have already been replaced. I think the only survivors are the PICO Tower (newly built and on the other side of the Luk Kwok Hotel) and the Malaysia Building - the gold-coloured building in the background. Can anyone remember what the white building was on the right hand side?


  1. Hi Phil,

    The white building on the right is the Telecom House, of PCCW. It was owned by Cable & Wireless before they sold off HKT to PCCW. The brown building to its right is the Art Centre, with its unique triangle theme at both inside and outside.


    1. Many thanks Arthur, mystery solved. I guess that explains the satellite dish on the roof. Cheers, Phil

    2. Known as New Mercury House back in C&W days.

    3. so that would make the dark shape on the right the newly built Arts Centre?