Saturday, March 25, 2017

Foxbat - Henry Silva (1977) - Square Street, Sheung Wan

In one of those strange time/space movie wormholes, after catching up along Hollywood Road, the action suddenly leaps back to Square Street right next to Man Mo Temple as a bunch of school kids and their lollipop man are nearly run over by the speeding vehicles.

It looks like the building that can be seen at the bottom of Square Street in the second picture once occupied part of what is now the back of the temple. I had no idea it encroached so far into the back of the temple until now. These days it looks like a new building has been joined onto the temple at that section and the outer wall has been completely rebuilt.

In the lower picture, the green building at the back is still there and you may or may not remember me talking about it previously during the I Spy posts.

Thomas, also recently left a message about the man playing the lollipop man, Mui Yan. Here's his comment below:
Talking about Mui Yan, he was multi-talented. He acted, was also a voice actor. He had an electronic appliance shop in Causeway opposite the President Cinema in the 1980s where I bought my first Sony Walkman there, and he used to be a Barber in a Shanghainese barber shop in Causeway Bay.

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