Friday, March 31, 2017

Foxbat - Henry Silva (1977) - Arsenal Street, Wanchai

We're just on the cusp of Wanchai District with this next shot. Although the ambulance turns left into Canal Street West in the previous scene, it actually ends up popping out by the waterfront along Gloucester Road by the Police HQ.

Sadly most of the screen grabs I have are badly interlaced and my efforts to fix them have resulted in an equally eye-crossing blockiness, so I just have one that is okay to look at. The shot below is looking south back along Arsenal Street from the elevated lane that goes into the eastbound direction of Gloucester Road. At the right of the screen you can see the old Police HQ that has since been replaced by the current version. 

Seeing as this is Arsenal Street, it's interesting to note that the compound had an extra couple of white painted watchtowers along that stretch of road before they were knocked down during the redevelopment. The compound still has two on the wall facing Gloucester Road as well as a big one on top of one of the roofs.

You may recall Robert Mitchum walking along that same stretch of wall during The Amsterdam Kill.

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