Friday, March 24, 2017

Foxbat - Henry Silva (1977) - Aberdeen Street, Central

As A-Cheung drives his stolen ambulance down Hollywood Road, Saxon tries to cut him off by taking the higher road and turning into Aberdeen Street. I'm not certain, but I suspect this may have been the only time double-decker bus has driven down this street - it's gradient isn't really conducive to a safe journey, especially when you consider how awful at driving most HK bus drivers tend to be (their feet are either on the accelerator or the brake - often in quick succession).

Anyway, the buildings at the side are the Police Married Quarters that have been recently re-adapted as the PMQ.

 That's the junction with Hollywood Road at the bottom, the last time we saw this place on here it was when Burt Kwouk was racing down it on a Dairy farm ice cream vending motorbike as Kato in the Revenge of the Pink Panther - filmed a year later in 1978.

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