Monday, February 6, 2017

Five Golden Dragons - Bob Cummings (1967) - Marsh Road, Wanchai

Here is one I missed the first time around, it's an easy ID to be honest and I thought I had already done it but apparently not. It's when Sylvia Rohm leaves the Police HQ over in Kowloon and is then followed around by a detective. One of the roads they go down is Marsh Road, identifiable by the very obvious road sign in the screen cap. To help things along with the specific location though is the nearby hydrant #15. In fact (and assuming the water department keeps the same hydrant numbers) the hydrant in question is #115 and is on the corner with Lockhart Road. So I think we can say with reasonable confidence that this brief scene was on the section of Marsh Road between Lockhart and Jaffe (the camera is looking north).

I'm not sure what the brown marbled building is in the top picture but the most recent construction on that plot of land (on the corner of Jaffe and Marsh) is the Mira Moon Hotel.

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