Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Emmanuelle 2 - Sylvia Kristel (1975) - Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay

Here's one that caused a fair amount of speculation between myself and Thomas, but in the end was solved when Thomas noticed one of my Ein Sarg aus Hong Kong screen grabs showed some of the same shops' signs. So once again thanks to him and his keen eyesight.

Well actually, truth be told, Thomas had already identified this exact location when the screencaps had originally been put up, but it had just slipped my mind to follow up. Here are Thomas's original comments:
I believe it was the last leg of Hennessy Road, opposite present day Hysan Place. I believe all four captures might be in a series along Hennessy Road...
...I may have identified one of the store fronts...See the white on red signage just behind the light pole? That would seemed to be Kam Lung Company (錦龍公司). They sell ready to wear stuffs. If you are able to locate old photos of that same length of Hennessy Road, look for this company. As far as I could recall they were already there in the 1960's...
...Hennessy Road from another angle: Might be able to catch some of the signage, I think.
The following sequence of screen captures was taken in one brief scene where the camera was most likely on a car moving along Hennessy Road towards the west. If you look in each screencap you will see elements of the next one in the distance.

But it was the last screen cap above that appears to show a couple of shops/signs that were also present a decade earlier when Ein Sarg aus Hong Kong was being filmed, including the Kam Lun (錦龍) sign mentioned by Thomas (FYI it's the blue sign with white writing centre-screen in the lower picture). So where was it then? Yup - just where Thomas originally said it was - opposite the current Hysan Place.

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