Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ein Sarg aus Hong Kong - Heinz Drache (1964) - Sha Chau, Outlying islands

Once at sea, our baddie escapes but not before setting his own junk alight with the heroes inside. We've moved a fair distance from Aberdeen at this point because the burning junk scene was filmed near Tuen Mun in the waters around what is now known as the Sha Chau and Lung Kwu Chau Marine Park.

The angle might be a bit confusing but we are actually looking east in the top two screen shots. The triangular island on the left in the top picture is actually nameless but is the northernmost islet in this small cluster around Sha Chau. Sha Chau itself is split into two parts joined by a submerged sandbar. The middle picture shows all the constituent parts of Sha Chau - they look separate but are actually all connected by what looks like a beach or tombolo. I guess this is enough for the responsible people to classify it as a single island.

The lower picture shows the view over towards the north Lantau coastline. The hill on the left of that picture is actually Lantau Peak with Nei Lak Shan the slightly smaller one in front of it.

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