Wednesday, February 15, 2017

China Cry - Julia Nickson (1990) - Lou Lim Ieoc Garden, Macau

Time for a new film, another one with Russell Wong but this time it's Julia Nickson who takes the lead. She's been on this blog before as Orlanda Ramos in Noble House but this time she takes on the role of real life Christian author, Nora Lam in a retelling of her life in China during the Cultural Revolution.

The majority of this film seems to have been shot in Macau although there are a few Hong Kong locations as well. We start off with one of Macau's most popular filming locations (which we have already seen being used in Tai Pan and Game of Death 1978 but if you are smart then you also follow Andi's blog and will know it featured in a whole bunch of old kung fu films including Drunken Master, Pedicab Driver, Legend of a Fighter etc).

Anyway, in China Cry the property and its lovely garden are supposed the be the Shanghai house where Nora Lam's character lives as a child before being ousted during the Japanese occupation.

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