Monday, February 27, 2017

Boarding Gate - Asia Argento (2007) - Man Kung Road, Sai Kung

After being drugged at a club, Sandra wakes up at a mysterious house owned by Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth! In the film she is playing a local business women who has agreed to help Sandra start a new life in China.

This one was tricky to nail down but I think I may have stumbled on a bit of good luck because it looks like the house used was one just off Man Kung Road near Hebe Haven. That's Marina Cove in the background of the third picture below.

Just in the near background of the second picture is the roofs of some houses that are part of a small private house development called "Villa Chrysanthemum". This means the house used for filming was most likely one called "Archivilla". It appears to be part of a three house development that also includes "Hebe Haven" and "Casa de Corsino" but is the only one with a pool.

The question now is...who normally lives there? Answers at the bottom please ;-)

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