Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Vanishing Son - Russell Wong (1994) - Tao Fung Shan, Shatin

Vanishing Son was a TV movie made (but not directed) by Rob Cohen. It follows a couple of brothers who escape to America following the 1989 post-massacre crackdowns. The lead is Russell Wong, a virtuoso violinist and kung fu expert trying his best to look after his brother and himself. Although largely filmed in the states, the beginning of the film is set in China and has a couple of sequences filmed in Hong Kong. The film also features Vivian Wu as one of Wong's student peers.

The first scene is our introduction to Russell as he practices his violin in "Beijing". In fact it is Tao Fung Shan in Shatin. Rob Cohen plays his violin teacher in the scene and it's no surprise when you consider that Cohen himself used the very same location the previous year for filming of some scenes in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.

We've also seen this place stand in as Beijing in Noble House.

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