Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ultraviolet - Milla Jovovich (2006) - Clarence Studios, Shek Kong

To round up this quick and easy set of locations from Ultraviolet here is one that wouldn't be obvious unless you worked on the film. I have Jude Poyer (of Reel Power Stunts) to thank for this post as it was he who clued me in as to where it was shot. Jude should know because he played the part of one of the sword-wielding hemophages that attack Violet inside the Church. It's a scene that has elements clearly taken from a Lone Wolf and Cub film - if you're familiar you'll know what I mean - but has some cracking sword play.

Jude Poyer,  Danial Donai and Daniel Whyte

The church interior, supposedly within the Parsee Cemetery, was filmed in a small film studio called 嘉龍片場 (Ga Lung Pin Cheung) or Clarence Studios to give its English name. I had never heard of this place but Jude tells me he filmed various TV commercials there when he was based in HK as well as a few scenes from the The Medallion.

Anyway, if you're a film fan and ever want to go over and have a nose it is along the Kam Tin Road near the Shek Kong airfield. You can't miss it because it has a massive great big dinosaur skull at the entrance. Anyway, once again many thanks to Jude.

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