Thursday, January 19, 2017

Shadow of China - John Lone (1989) - Lo Pan Temple, Kennedy Town

When Henry goes to see the fortune teller (played by Dennis Chan) we see him wander to an area that we are told in the movie is Temple Street. Actually it is Ching Lin Terrace in Kennedy Town and is where the famous Lo Pan Temple sits. We've seen this temple once before in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story when a young Bruce runs out to be confronted by a demon. Here is a reminder.

Although we can't see the famous angular roof top that makes this temple quite unique in Hong Kong, the front facade is recognisable as well as the nice terrace where the building has its home. Back in 1989 it looks as though there was still an older building next door that had an external wall decorated with round moon shaped windows but this place was demolished in the mid 90's to make way for the current residential development called "Jade Lotus Garden".

At the end of the sequence we also catch a glimpse of the building next door which, I believe is the administrative building of the Kwong Yuet Hong - the builders organisation that manages the temple.

 This wall has been replaced by Jade Garden Court.

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