Thursday, January 19, 2017

Shadow of China - John Lone (1989) - Hong Kong University, Pok Fu Lam

The address of HKU states it's in Pok Fu Lam but I'm a bit dubious. Any advances on Pok Fu Lam?

Anyway, the land auction scene was filmed at a couple of locations in and around the historical HKU. The first location is the auction room where the land bidding takes place. This was filmed inside Loke Yew Hall. The second location is seen as Henry (Lone) leaves the auction after getting his rival (played by Roy Chiao) to pay way over the odds for a piece of land in the hope of giving his company cash flow problems. It's one of the four courtyards that sit inside the main building of the University. If there are any people who know is these courtyards have a name then please feel free to clue me in, but until then we will just have to do by describing it as the one with the circular pool in the centre. This is the scene mentioned by Neil where Sam Neill was able to be convinced to play a small role as a journalist.

Loke Yew Hall

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