Friday, January 20, 2017

Shadow of China - John Lone (1989) - Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay

Here is a street corner we have seen from various angles over the course of several films. It's the junction with Percival Street along Hennessy Road. We were looking at it from the opposite angle (i.e. looking south down Percival Street) only a few posts ago. This time we are looking at it from the point of view along Percival Street looking north back towards Hennessy.

As you can see from the Streetview grab below the Fotomax sign has since been replaced by a Tom Lee advert but note that the Tai Woo Seafood Restaurant sign on the right (in the film grab) can still be seen in the Streetview picture. Incidentally, this is the same corner that Thomas was able to locate for Emmanuelle 2 a couple of years back with the Rolex and Tudor adverts below the Tom Lee sign.

After turning into Percival Street we see the car (incidentally, this was Neil's personal Mark 2 Jaguar that he lent to the production company) drive south and pass some of the signs we saw on the earlier Percival Street post.


  1. Hi Phil,

    The street view is way out of date. Tom Lee had moved elsewhere while the corner wrist watch shop had shrunk.

    The Tai Woo Restaurant (used to be the White Castle back in the 1980s) become one of Mr Lee's major chains quite a few years ago: Fortress.


    1. Hi Thomas, thanks for the update. It always seems to me that the last few years has seen lots if change in HK, far outstripping the amount of change that had occurred in the previous 20 years. Cheers, Phil

    2. Actually, I feel much of this has to do with HK's over reliance on Mainland luxury shoppers...their buying habits have had a really negative impact on the landscape and greedy landlords have taken advantage of it.

  2. Hi Phil,

    A few months ago Google's Street View car started roaming in town again. In the past few years they may have switched to backpack view to capture many of the hiking trails out there. As it is a one man band, it may take a while before Street View is updated.