Monday, January 16, 2017

Shadow of China - John Lone (1989) - 31 Barker Road, The Peak

The second property used for Henry's house is #31 Barker Road. This one was a real stumper for me because it has since been completely redeveloped. In the end I had to go back to the source and ask for help from Neil himself (the location manager on the film).

The house stood on a raised terrace like many other properties that are situated on the slopes of Victoria Peak and had a rather impressive sweeping driveway that curves to the front of the house from Barker Road. The driveway looked familiar to me because it was also used on another of Neil's productions a few years later (post to follow).

The site has since been completely redeveloped and it looks as though four separate houses now occupy the same site. The driveway is still there but the wall along its edge has been replaced by something a bit more modern.

For those interested in a different view of the house,you can see it in the centre left of this photo on FLICKR.

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