Monday, December 12, 2016

The Yin and Yang of Mr Go - James Mason (1970) - Chaplin the translator

Following on from our quest to tag Chaplin as many times as possible through out this blog, here he is in a rare speaking role when he plays the Chinese translator explaining to a bunch of local goons about how much they can expect to earn for the capture of Bridges and his girlfriend (played by Irene Tsu).

Chaplin was also the assistant director for the film (a role he would repeat a few years later for Enter the Dragon) and later on tried (unsuccessfully and at significant cost to himself) to buy the Asian distribution rights for this film. You may or may not know that for a while in the early to mid 70's Chaplin was also part of King Hu's film production company (where he helped obtain funding for The Fate of Lee Khan and The Valiant Ones from a rather reluctant Raymond Chow ) and they remained good friends until Hu (remember he plays the Japanese banker in this film) passed away in 1997.

Chaplin at the back

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