Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Yin and Yang of Mr Go - James Mason (1970) - Hongkong Hilton Hotel, Central

The Hilton was a popular spot for filming in the 60's and according to Chaplin it was also where the production company were based for the filming of The Yin and Yang of Mr Go. We see it a couple of times, first is the entrance as Irene Tsu walk s out and second involves the confirmation of a location seen in another film that I thought was the Hilton but had nothing to compare it to until now.

Here is the entrance (Jack Palance and Aldo Ray were here a couple of years previously).

The next location appears to be a rear inner courtyard of the hotel, notable for its Japanese arches and the internal wall having what looks like a large ceramic mosaic attached to it. The only reason I now know it's the Hilton is because of a brief glimpse of the old HSBC and Bank of China through a gap as the camera pans down at one of Burgess Meredith's quirky (and possibly alcohol induced) camera angles.

HSBC & Bank of China seen through the gap

The courtyard looks like a Japanese garden and in the film it is supposed to be part of the Bank of Tokyo where the manager (King Hu) meets the US agent for some clandestine talks. Note the wall decoration in the background.

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