Monday, December 5, 2016

Johnny English Reborn - Rowan Atkinson (2011) - Grand Lisboa, Macau

The action briefly moves over to Macau as the two spies head off to meet their contact at the truly, TRULY tacky Grand Lisboa casino. But before we go there we also catch a quick glimpse of the original Lisboa across the road. Here it is below looking colourful and relatively subdued compared to the monstrosity that sits across the road from it.

And here is the monstrosity just mentioned. One of the true great eyesores of the Macau skyline (at least all the other tacky resort casinos have been restricted to the Cotai Strip) that I would happily see demolished.

There looks to have also been some interior filming as well, a quick google reveals that the next shot (with the tasteful gold wall) is indeed inside the building, and I assume the second picture below is as well, however, I'm having problems finding anything online to match, so it could easily be a mock up back in a studio.

Real or not?

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