Monday, November 28, 2016

Les Tribulations d'un Chinois en Chine - Jean-Paul Belmondo (1965) - Deepwater Bay, Hong Kong

After disappearing into the tunnels of Sai Wan Fort, another bit of geographical trickery takes place as the gang exit from a small door in, of all places, Deepwater Bay. The first two pictures are looking over to Shouson Hill area (top picture) and then Brick Hill (second picture) more familiar to tourists these days as the hill with the Ocean Park logo on it.

This second pair of screen grabs show the view looking from the coastline of Hong Kong over towards the headland (now Ocean Park) behind Berick Hill with Middle Island in the middle distance.

You'll notice that Ursula Andres is running down some stone steps in the second picture. It turns out that despite extensive re-engineering of the shoreline (to construct Seaview Promenade) the position on film matches exactly the current stone steps that serve as the embarkation point for those heading over to the Yacht Club on the opposite side of the channel. Check out the Streetview picture below.


  1. Hi Phil,

    It is likely the same concrete hut (


    1. Hi Thomas, I'm not sure the one on film could really be classed as a hut, it looks more like a storage box or housing for something (fishing gear?). Cheers, Phil