Sunday, November 13, 2016

Les Tribulations d'un Chinois en Chine - Jean-Paul Belmondo (1965) - Yau Ma Tei Typhoon Shelter, Yau Ma Tei

Belmondo's private yacht (in the film the boat is called the "Mimi" but it looks suspiciously like the Hilton Hotel's Wan Fu to me) docks in the Yau Ma Tei Typhoon shelter while all the shenanigans take place and it's a location that the film makers repeatedly return to. We can see a few buildings that are still standing and they seem to place the location in the northern part of the shelter.

At the back right of the above picture we can see a white building with an angled upper section. This is Cherry Mansion that still sits along Cherry Street on what was the northern shoreline of the typhoon shelter. The building was built the year this was filmed and still stands. To the left of the boat (above) and in the background of the picture below is where the modern day Olympic MTR Station now stands.

You can still see Cherry Mansion in the above picture top left. But on the far right is another building under construction. You can see it again in the background of the next picture. It's the Yuen Fat Building on the corner of Ferry Street and Nelson Street. Again, it was constructed in 1965 and is still standing. We'll see a bit more of the Yuen Fat Building in a later post although we have seen it before.

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