Monday, November 14, 2016

Kung Fu Killers - Grant Page (1974) - Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon

I have Arthur to thank for solving this long standing stumper. I had sort of given up due to the seeming generic nature of the buildings on the screen grab, but Arthur has explained it all below.
"...I think the white building in the photo is perhaps 春苑 at 317 Prince Edward Road West, and the camera maybe located at the corner of Short Street and Prince Edward Road West. The dark building on the left was the previous incarnation of St. Teresa Hospital, which vaguely shows an image of Mary in this screen capture. A similar design also shows on the exterior wall of the current building. This location just struck me when I walked past it last weekend!"
So many thanks to Arthur once again for his keen sight and exceptional memory. Here are the screen captures. It from a nice sequence when Grant Page is driving around Kowloon on a motorbike on his way to test out his new rope.

The building at the back, as Arthur mentions, is the previous version of St Theresa's Hospital and the white building is 春苑 (Chun Yuen: built 1963) or Springvale as it is known in English. Here is the current Streetview. Springvale is the white building behind the mustard-coloured one and the new St Theresa's building beyond that.

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