Friday, November 4, 2016

Blackhat - Chris Hemsworth (2015) - Woosung Street, Yau Ma Tei

Much like his Avenger co-star, Chris Evans, in Push a few years before, Hemsworth and co also hole up in an anonymous flat somewhere in Kowloon whilst they carry out their clandestine operations to track down the hackers. In this case a large neon sign outside the window is crucial to knowing where this flat was. You can see it in the top picture.

The sign is in fact for the Luen Fat restaurant on Woosung St in Yau Ma Tei. You can see the sign in the Streetview grab below. Now the film was shot after the Streetview grabs were made and if you look at the screencaps from the film you'll notice the windows bars are rather old-style metal ones. Given the more modern ones in the Streetview it's fair to assume the production crew changed them around (or added fake ones) for the purpose of filming.

In the lower film grabs you can see Hemsworth looking out of the window down Ning Po Street. The pawnshop wasn't around at the time of the Streetview picture but you can spot a couple of other familiar signs in the picture below, as well as the corner building seen in the lower film grab.

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