Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Blackhat - Chris Hemsworth (2015) - Wong Nai Chung Gap

A few quickies to finish off the Blackhat posts. First up is this one from the raid sequence when the police head to Shek O. After lifting off from the helipad at the HK-Macau ferry Terminal we get a quick glimpse of the Kowloon peninsula opposite side of the harbour before switching to another view above Happy Valley looking up Wong Nai Chung Road towards the "gap".

The top picture of course shows the ICC (Hong Kong's tallest building...for the time being) and the blue residential building right next to it is The Harbourside. Jean Claude Van Damme fans may not realise that their idol occupies a penthouse flat there (on the 75th floor) when he is in Hong Kong.

The second picture shows the Tsim Sha Tsui part of Kowloon and by the time of filming (July 2013) you can see that the New World Centre has already been demolished and the site is being cleared for its replacement (the area directly below the chopper). The last picture below shows the view up to Wong Nai Chung Gap. The two tall buildings are the Summit and Highcliff - locally referred to sometimes as the "Chopsticks" due to their rather skinny appearance from certain angles.

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