Monday, November 7, 2016

Blackhat - Chris Hemsworth (2015) - Tsuen Wan Drainage Tunnel, Tsuen Wan

In one of those impressive feats that bends space and time, the bad guys escape through the bottom of their Shek O hideout into a tunnel system. The police don't fare too well inside the tunnel and are promptly taken out by a variety of weapons including guns, knives and what looks like a claymore mine. However, after a good 5 minutes the tunnel ends and a standoff ensues. The problem here is that the tunnel pops out in Tsuen Wan - approximately 22 kilometres away and over on the Hong Kong mainland in the New Territories!

I believe the large concrete blocks were put there by the production crew to give the baddies something to hide behind, but the stone littered floor is the actual ground outside the tunnels mouth. The containers on the ledge (and in fact the ledge itself) in the back of the lower picture are not real either and were put there to give the goodies something to hide behind (and by the goodies I'm not talking about Ecky Thump!). The buildings in the background on the second picture largely belong to Tsing Yi on the other side of the channel, but eagle-eyed readers (and those familiar with Tsuen Wan) may be able to spot Wonderland Villas in the far distance in its prominent position on the hillside above Kwai Chung.

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