Thursday, November 3, 2016

Blackhat - Chris Hemsworth (2015) - Central, Hong Kong

Although released only last year (2015) the Hong Kong scenes for this film (about dangerously nefarious hackers) were actually filmed in July 2013. I had no idea the film crew was here but have been told it was being shot around the same time as Transformers: Age of Extinction so I suspect the fracas surrounding the filming of that latter film may have gone some way to hog the local headlines a bit.

Anyway, the film stars Chris Hemsworth as a convicted hacker released from a lengthy prison sentence on condition he helps US and Chinese authorities track down some hackers responsible for bringing a nuclear power station to destruction.

The film is probably about 30 mins too long for my liking but there are some new locations to be seen (some I am still trying to identify) and the usual liberties taken with HK geography.  However, before we get to the nitty gritty we shall start with this nice night shot over central.

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