Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Vengeance of Fu Manchu - Christopher Lee (1967) - Rocky Harbour, Sai Kung

A brief scene on board a junk (heading to Fu Manchu's secret hideout) was filmed in the north part of Port Shelter, more correctly known as Rocky Harbour. It's the same part of the area that was used by the makers of The Sand Pebbles the previous year.

Click on the above link to see a similar angle on the Sai Kung mountains in the distance. The two peaks on the right are actually the Sai Kung view of the Ma On Shan "saddle".

I also found another quick snippet from the film that was filmed in the Rocky Harbour area, but this time looking south from the shoreline.

This is the view from the shore near to where the Chong Hing Watersport Centre now sits on High Island's West Dam. In the view above we are looking more or less directly south between Tai Tau Chau (on the right) and High Island on the left. The hills in the belong to Jin Island and Kau Sai Chau. There's an almost perfect match up to the view on this panoramic shot taken from the Astropark courtesy of Wong Chi-chuen.

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