Sunday, October 2, 2016

Push - Chris Evans (2009) - Fake Building in Central

One of the main scenes towards the end of the film, where everyone confronts everyone else and all hell breaks loose, takes place in a building that looks to have been invented purely for the purpose of this one scene. 

It reminded me a little bit of the computer-generated Winch HQ from Largo Winch because it seems the film makers weren't too bothered about rendering it properly (or at all) in various shots of the same area over time. For example, one time we see this building (it's being hidden from view of normal people by 'shadowers') is on a small sequence overlooking Central and it's standing proud right in the middle of Chater Garden in front of the Bank of China.

However, in another sequence we get a similar angle over Central and the building is completely missing from the view.

At another point we see it standing seemingly on its own with only The Centre nearby - making me think it has now moved down the road a bit.

And finally it reappears in a rather nice long shot looking over what became the site of the new Government Offices in (what is now called) Tamar Park and those familiar with HK geography will know that the position it shows below implies it is no longer standing in Chater Garden but actually somewhere on the City Hall site in Edinburgh Place. In this shot the actors and camera were all on the pedestrian bridge connecting the CITIC Centre with Harcourt Garden.

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