Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Million Eyes of Sumuru - George Nader (1967) - MacDonnell Road, Central

At the beginning of the film, Nader follows some kidnappers disguised as ambulance men along a twisty and rather dark street. If I was more familiar with Hong Kong Island I am sure I would have found this sooner, but the fact is even after 10 years in HK I know the streets of the Island itself very poorly. Anyway, after some rather long winded searches I have eventually found some of the buildings seen along the route and they are on MacDonnell Road.

Although I haven't quite found out where the funky looking carpark is where the chase starts (I'll stick it up on my "help me" page at some point), it's not long before we are passing a few recognisable spots. The following two shots show the garage of the precursor to today's Visalia Garden.

If you look carefully at the left hand side of the top picture you'll notice a wall fronting some apartments. The wall is still there (along with the apartments) and are part of Donnell Court. The current Streetview is below. 

The next shot is taken just around the next bend and shows the darkly illuminated exterior wall of St Paul's Co-Educational College. The current Streetview shows a bit of work going on outside, but I imagine people familiar with the school will recognise it below.

The next shot also shows us looking up to the next bend in the road. The building on the right belongs to the Christian Science (ha! gotta laugh at that name) Reading Room. The pillars at the back are part of a structure that looks to be part of the Morning Light Apartments up the slope - perhaps they are part of a small garage structure?

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