Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Million Eyes of Sumuru - George Nader (1967) - Kennedy Road, Central

A quick one here that had me stumped for some time but after revisiting the film and paying a bit more attention to the surrounding frames of film I can confirm the location of the old mansion (it stands in for an Italian hospital in the film) was at 32 Kennedy Road on he site now occupied by a residential building called "Kenville".

Pay close attention to the building in the right hand side background because that is the rather modern (for 1966/7 anyway) looking side of St Joseph's College on the north side of Kennedy Road (#7).

The problem I had in identifying this location is that the road shows a distinct large curve (see third picture) around the front of the property. This curve has gone and the road it leads to can actually be seen in this post. It's the small driveway that leads around the back of Kennedy Apartments. All the other buildings along this strip of Kennedy Road date back to before the film was made which only left #32 as the potential and it was also confirmed to me in a brief shot (taken from that last scene I just linked to) as the guys are running down the steps to escape arrest at their hotel. I didn't include the shot here (because at the time it didn't seem important) but it shows a car waiting foir them at the bottom of the steps and lo-and-behold in the background is the same crumbly wall also seen in picture 3 above.

So there you go, another mystery solved and a brief glimpse at the old mansion that used to sit at #32 Kennedy Road.

Unfortunately I can't find anymore information about it, so if anyone can remember the place from pre-1973 (i.e. before Kenville was built) I would love to hear about it.


  1. Hi Phil,

    It's not necessary a bend of Kennedy Road. On the map there is a private road leading up the slope to present day Seaview Mansion. ( That's probably it.


    1. Hi Thomas, yes it's definitely the turn off for that small road that goes up and behind Kennedy Apartments, but the bend of the road entrance looks much larger on film and makes me think some remodeling of Kennedy Road may have occurred at some point.
      Cheers, Phil

  2. Hi Phil,

    If that's the case it would have to be the southern side of Kennedy. They must have shaved the slopes and give the road one more lane going west when the roll of the current building was built. Not quite possible to widen Kennedy Road on the Park side.