Friday, September 2, 2016

The Million Eyes of Sumuru - George Nader (1967) - Hap Mun Bay, Sharp Island

Well, the film makers were certainly very consistent in their portrayal of Sumuru's island hideaway. We've already seen some scenes from the north part of Sharp Island as the entry and exit point for the island and later in the film when the police stage a raid they actually sneak in from another direction - Hap Mun Bay at the southern part of Sharp Island.

There are couple of quick scenes filmed around the north part of Sharp Island as we see the police launch making its approach.

But the approach to the beach seen from the boat shows us Hap Mun (also known as Half Moon Bay) followed by shots looking back out to the sea from the point of view of the beach.

You can see a good comparison of the view in the lowest screen grab with this picture over on Panoramio. The peaks in the distance appear to be Buffalo Hill and West Buffalo Hill.

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