Sunday, September 18, 2016

Push - Chris Evans (2009) - Yuen Long Public Middle School Alumni Association Primary School, Yuen Long

Around the same time that the Batman: The Dark Knight crew were in town, another film production team was around filming a sort of science fiction movie starring (a pre-Captain America) Chris Evans (though after he played the Human Torch in the Fantastic 4 films).

There's a real mixture of locations seen here, some of them not really seen on international film productions before, one of which is a brief snippet during the explanatory introduction when an image of a local school is flashed up. You can't necessarily tell from the image but it's the Yuen Long Public Middle School Alumni Association Primary School. As you can see, it's keeping in the Hong Kong tradition of having an unnecessarily long English name.

It's irrelevant to the film really but I was intrigued to track it down. Finding it goes some way to explain why Yuen Long District Office gets a special thanks in the end credits.

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