Thursday, September 29, 2016

Push - Chris Evans (2009) - Wanchai Star Ferry Pier, Wanchai

While we're on the subject of piers (as we were a couple of posts ago) here is one on the opposite side of the harbour. It's the old Star Ferry pier in Wanchai that has now become another piece of old Hong Kong that has gone for good.

Actually, the scene also involves a quick glimpse of the ferry they use to cross the harbour, it's the World Star that went out of service in 2011 (soon after this film was made). The pier itself was decommissioned and demolished in 2014 and a replacement built at the front of the new Central <> Wanchai reclamation waterfront i.e. about a hundred metres further into the harbour.

Despite it being demolished, we can still see the old pier courtesy of the 5 year old Google Streetview captures.

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