Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Push - Chris Evans (2009) - Wanchai Road, Wanchai

Before Kira is picked up by the sniffers, she is first followed around by them and one of the streets they go down is Wanchai Road in...Wanchai!

This was a toughy to pin down but I managed to guess the location courtesy of the "Lee Comic" sign that is visible in the right of the lower picture. You can vaguely make out the Chinese name for Wanchai Road if you look closely enough. Looking at Streetview below I have tried to recreate the angle in the first picture. This section of the road runs diagonally from SW to NE and this is looking towards the northern end.

Looking at the various tarpaulin awnings along the road, and assuming that these Streetview pictures are from 2010 (the last time they did a run through HK as far as I know) then I would say it didn't take long for them to turn from bright red to the dirty covered stuff you can see in the Streetview picture. It's a good example of HK's roadside pollution at work.

Anyway, this second Streetview picture shows view after swiveling about 180 degrees from the first one. The Lee Comic sign can be seen centre screen and gives an approximate position of where the camera crew must have stuck their camera.

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