Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bruce Lee in G.O.D: Shibôteki yûgi - David Lee (2000) - 4740 Tai Po Road, Tai Po Kau

Lee's residence in the film is a rather grand looking place with a big garden and large front gate. There are lots of these types of houses around in Hong Kong if you have deep enough pockets (sadly, I don't). The one used in this film is actually way up in the hills in Tai Po Kau, along the very scenic Tai Po Road around where Tai Po and Shatin Districts meet.

Sadly, there's no Streetview access up to the house because it's a private road (shared by several rather ostentatious village houses) so I have no idea if there has been any redevelopment since 2000. Here is the front entrance. 

The view from the garden terrace is quite impressive. The view here is looking south east towards Ma On Shan in the background. The high rises are actually all on the opposite side of Tolo Harbour but the buildings scattered along the nearer hillside - including the funny shaped tower at the top right of the second picture - are all part of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

This view below looking north(ish) shows the nearby towers of Deerhill Bay on the opposite side of Tai Po Road.

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