Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bruce Lee in G.O.D: Shibôteki yûgi - David Lee (2000) - Clearwater Bay Studios, Hang Hau

Once upon a time there was a discovery made in the Media Asia film vault (Media Asia had bought a large portion of Golden Harvest's film catalogue in the late 1990's) consisting of a rather significant (for Bruce Lee fans anyway) amount of footage shot by Bruce Lee for his unfinished project, Game of Death. The footage had never been seen before and Media Asia licensed it to a Japanese company called Artport and a Canadian film maker called John Little. Little went on to use the footage in his acclaimed Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey film. Artport used the footage by incorporating it into this film: Bruce Lee in G.O.D (Shibôteki yûgi).

In order to make the docu-drama, scenes revolving around Bruce Lee's life during the making of G.O.D were filmed in Hong Kong using mainly local actors (Bruce Lee played by David Lee) but little was done to deal with the modern setting so we have basically lots of scenes involving the Hong Kong of the year 2000 but have to imagine it's the 1972/73.

Although I never actually made it over to Golden Harvest studios (one of the big regrets I have about my earlier trips to HK) I have been told that it was still standing empty in 2000 so I have no idea why Artport decided to use a stand-in for the sake of this film. The stand-in is in fact Clearwater bay Studios over on Ying Yip Road in Tseung Kwan O.

As far as I know the studios are still very much in use and run by Sil-Metropole who use it for both filming and post-production services. The buildings with the red roofing are staff quarters. In the top picture you can also see neighbouring Hang Hau village and the nearby high rises of Fu Ning Garden.

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